Hello, fashionistas! Thank you for tapping our About Us page. We are very pleased to know that you have visited this page. Thank you for signifying your interest in us and in taking time to read our articles here as well. 


House of Cards is a small business founded by a group of independent designers here in Texas. After being in the business for 5 years, we’ve decided to launch a small store located in Houston. We create locally designed and professionally handcrafted clothing. We design, we create, and we sell our own collections. We are boasting that House of Cards is creating a buzz not only in the independent fashion world but all over the fashion industry. We have been voted as the most liked independent brand for 3 consecutive years and most outstanding independent brand this year. We are proud to say that in just 5 years we made it this far. All thanks to the unwavering support of the fashionistas like you and the exceptional works of the designers of House of Cards. 


House of Cards designers are trained in a famous design school in America. Some have gained training abroad and bring their collection of clothes right in front of you. We shared to each other what we’ve learned in our training and created our own style. Note that the signature pieces of House of Cards are endlessly wearable. 


If you are struggling with what clothes you need to wear in an event or for your daily casual attire, we are here to help you. Don’t hesitate to visit us in our store to ask for help. We are giving our best to make you feel comfortable and stylish in every clothing you wear.  


The House of Cards designers is ready to show off our collections and share them with you. 


Thank you for reading!