It is my New Year’s resolution to go minimalist this year moving forward. I wanted to remove the clutter from my life and I started with my own home. I vowed to keep things simple. I did an inventory of all our stuff and assessed their importance in our everyday life. I kept those things that we couldn’t live without like our surface mount resistor 1002 and let go of the excess. And yes, that included lots of clothes and shoes from my wardrobe. I let go of the clothes that I have been keeping for ages and yet, not having worn them even once. I let go of those dresses that I said I would wear when I reduce my weight because it seems that time never comes. I let go of the shoes that I do not get to wear since I stay at home most of the time. You would not believe all the space that was freed up. It was such a relief to finally see lots of space in our house. It did wonders to my mind as well. Seeing the decluttered look of our house sent positive vibes to my mind. It was an actual physical manifestation of removing unnecessary things from my life. It made me feel so much better. Our house looked tidier. It was not overcrowded with things that we do not really use. Indeed, there is no better time to declutter your home and your life.

I sold our stuff online and was even able to use the money that I got to buy more important stuff. I decided to have a wardrobe makeover. I am at that stage in my life when I do not want colorful tops or pants anymore. Since I wanted to keep things simple, I wanted more practical clothes – ones that I can wear anywhere, anytime. I do not want to have to think overnight about what to wear. I want to just open my wardrobe and just grab whatever is there and be confident that it would suit any occasion or activity for the day. That is why I had to choose my clothes wisely. Good thing I found everything I wanted at the House of Cards shop. They had fashion stylists on the store who would gladly help you out in picking the clothes that would suit you best. I loved that they did not just offer me what was trendy at the moment. They really listened to what I liked and considered my personality in choosing the clothes that they let me try. My wardrobe revamp is just one way of practicing minimalism in my life and it shows that I could really benefit from this lifestyle.

Minimalism is a way of life. It is a lifestyle. It is a decision. It is about choosing quality over quantity. It is about freeing yourself from distractions. It is a commitment to be intentional and clear about your choices and actions. It is about knowing your purpose and sticking to what really matters in life.