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Today, more and more independent designers are getting known for their clothing designs. We are proud to say that House of Cards is one who stands out among the rest. House of Cards is an independent brand of apparel that offers various clothing, from skirts to dresses, pants and blouses, name it we have it. We are a group of designers who create locally designed, trendy, and fashionable clothes. Our shop is located in a small flat with a contemporary garage door in Houston. We will be glad if you take time to visit our shop, take a tour, find the perfect clothes for you and have a little chitchat with us. This is our way of reach out to our customers. 


Do you need a dress that will stand out on the crowd? Do you want unique clothes that will amaze everybody? Clothes that are endlessly wearable? House of Cards is the answer to that. All of our creations are unique and made of high-quality materials but way cheaper than any other independent brand. Choose your style today with our wide range of collection.  


Need help in picking out great outfits for your events, occasions or for your daily attire? House of Cards is here for you. Come and visit our store, ask for assistance and our designers will help you get a stylish outfit that suits you or better yet find you the exact clothes you are looking for. Do not worry about paying our fee! Consulting us is absolutely free of charge. 


In addition, if you wish to customize your dresses for weddings, birthdays, and other events we, at House of Cards, are providing that kind of service. You design, we create. Work with us and we will give you the most sophisticated designs you ever wanted. We will work on it to be able to deliver on time before your event. If you want to get our service, reach out to us via email. Book us now! 


The items you order will be sent to you directly from us who designed and created your purchased clothes to wherever in the world you live in. This will result in a much faster shipping times for you. Shipping time depends on where you live. 


If it’s high quality, stylish, chic and trendy you’re after with, shop with us now at House of Cards and be fashionable. Don’t miss our promos, sales, event and new products coming up! Simply register to take advantage of these benefits from us. You can track your orders as well from confirmation to delivery. However, registering is optional. You can still enjoy shopping with us. 


Enjoy the biggest promotion ever happening in the House of Cards. We will be holding an event to sell out our collections for up to 50% off. So, check back here for that. 


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