House of Cards is a small business online owned by independent designers from Houston, Texas. See the reviews of our satisfied customers below:  


I wore one of your dresses in a conference where I was invited to give a speech. All I wanted was to wear a unique and stylish dress but I never expected that it will stand out on that evening. Some of the women in that event asked me where I bought my dress. I told them that it was from the independent designers of House of Cards. —Susan, NY 


Your line of women’s clothes rocks! There is always something for everyone. Sometimes, I have a hard time finding clothes that suit me but House of Cards always saves me from my everyday struggles. I really love your lines. Thank you! —Ariana, MI 


Fast delivery, unique designs, and made of high-quality materials. These are the characterics of House of Cards fashion. I visited their store one time and comfortable, chic and fabulous ambiance was waiting for me. I can’t say enough how much I love House of Cards the Label. —Jessica, LA 


I got my customized wedding dress on time and I loved it! You are absolutely amazing. You made my wedding more meaningful and special because you did great on the dress that I personally designed. —Irish, IL 


Amazing and talented designers, cheaper brand, high-quality materials, unique, stylish, trendy, fast delivery, and great services that’s how House of Cards works every day. What else can you ask for? Stop by and try their brand so you will know what I’m talking about. —Rose, NJ 


I’ve spread word on House of Cards wherever I go. Your clothes suit me perfectly. I have been complimented several times on my House of Cards clothing. —Janine, LA 


A must-visit store in Houston or here at their website. Every clothing you see is fabulous. —Rima, MI